AAR Preview: Frank Proctor, Performance Pistol Process

Alternate title: In a class full of LE guys in black or multicam, where I’m drawing from concealment in a button-down short sleeve shirt, somehow I turn out to be the gear whore…

Today was TD1 (training day 1) of a 2-day Performance Pistol Process class taught by Frank Proctor.  Spoiler alert: Frank is a legitimately great instructor, I’m enjoying his class tremendously, and regardless of your skill level with pistol I highly recommend taking one of his classes.

So, about the gear whore thing…

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The Rogers Shooting School Experience


(OR: Why I Felt Great About Shooting A 73 The Day After Gabe & Manny Shot Record-Setting Perfect 125’s)

It’s been said that overcoming adversity on the way to achieving your goals makes victory all the sweeter.  In the case of Rogers, I could have used just a little less adversity… But earning a Basic rating on my first trip there, having taken no formal pistol instruction before attending, was sweet indeed.

I originally set out to construct an easy-to-follow narrative about my week at Rogers, but I kept getting self-conscious about how it ended up being all about me.  In the interests of actually getting this finished and published, I’m going to deviate from the first-person travelogue format and instead share the most interesting stories, observations, and tips gleaned from my time there.

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Hiatus is over

Apologies for the extended pause in the posting schedule. Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff. Now resuming your regularly scheduled programming, with a new article for your enjoyment at 0900PDT/1200EDT tomorrow.

You might be my kind of people if…

You know what kind of stuff 18 USC 922 covers, even you’re not a lawyer…

You have an opinion on whether brass needs to be polished after it comes out of the cleaner…

You have a collection of holsters, including at least one Fobus or Serpa you keep around as a reminder not to buy bad holsters…

You live in CA and have a box full of pre-2000 mags for guns you don’t even own, just in case you ever buy one…

You have seriously considered relocating your family to another state with better gun laws and worse weather…

You not only know what a kitchen-table FFL is, but you have at least one in the contacts on your phone…

You’ve bought a gun sight unseen by calling or emailing your personal FFL…

You have your state’s AWB flowchart memorized…

You know every range within driving distance and have strong preferences as to which ones you like to use…

You feel unfulfilled and vaguely guilty if you miss a day of dry-fire practice…

You’ve ever gotten into a heated debate about something gun-related online and had a spouse or significant other remind you that nothing is worth letting strangers rustle your jimmies…

What would you add to this?

Shooter Fitness: Battodo and Crossfit, with humor

Obata Toshishiro-sensei, who brought Toyama Ryu to the United States post-WW2.

Obata Toshishiro-sensei, who brought Toyama Ryu to the US post-WW2.

Throughout my adult life, I’ve generally had some form of get-out-of-the-house activity to keep me reasonably fit and somewhat sane.  Until a few years ago, when my schedule got in the way of making it up to Oakland 2-3 times per week, I had the privilege of learning Toyama Ryu Battodo at Suigetsukan Dojo under Sensei Mike Esmailzadeh.  Yes, I’m an actual swordfighter in the tradition of the Japanese warrior class — not the most marketable skill, but fun to trot out at boring parties to spice up a conversation.  It was a bummer when I had to stop going after five good years of study.

Fast-forward a few years after my swordfighting studies came to an end: I could sense that I was getting sedentary and un-fit.  (It was something of a clue when my wife observed “You’re packing on a few pounds there, aren’t ya?”)  On a trip to rural northern California to do some camping and shooting at a friend’s ranch, one of my kids took a cameraphone picture of me in profile.  It was… not flattering.  In fact, I had apparently developed into my genetic predisposition: tall, skinny guy with belly fat.  Before the week was out, I had signed up for the mandatory Crossfit Fundamentals class at what is now Homegrown Crossfit.

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Trevor On The Trigger: Now available on Facebook!

Facebook TOTT header

By popular demand, I’ve created a Facebook Page that all of you social-media addicts can follow/like/stalk to keep in touch with doings here at the blog.  Please give it a Like when you have a moment:


If I were more FB/Wordpress marketing savvy, I’d probably have a Like button in this post… 🙂  For your point-and-click convenience, there is now a Like button in the column to your right.

An HK “Friday afternoon” gun? A P30 that shoots to the left…

My regular readers already know the story of my love/hate relationship with the HK P30 9mm with the V4/TGS LEM trigger that I bought this year and took to Rogers Shooting School.  If you’re new ’round these parts, please take a moment to read the most consistently popular article on my blog.  If you have several hours to spare, check out the epic discussion it spawned over at pistol-forum.

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Gun Science: Active Electronic Ear-pro deep dive


Not sure what’s more disturbing, the badly fitting ear-pro or the “model” wearing it…

My recent Gear Review of the MSA Sordin Supreme ear-pro barely touched upon the significant differences you’ll find across the price spectrum, and provoked a number of follow-up questions.  The majority of those inquiries can be summarized into three questions:

  • What do you get when you spend more?
  • What are the trade-offs between large, mid, and slim ear cup sizes?
  • What features really matter when I’m shopping for electronic ear-pro?

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Trevor’s truck tool kit needs an upgrade

The go-bag tool kit in Trevor’s truck desperately needs a cutting-tools upgrade before the upcoming Memorial Day trip into the northern CA countryside. The Leatherman Charge Ti that lives in the go-bag has very nearly been outmatched by downed trees and brush across trails on recent trips. Needed:

6-inch fixed blade knife
Hatchet or light axe
Folding saw

Looking for recommendations in the “reasonable” price range. For me reasonable means less than hard-use grade, but won’t break or bend the first time I put 200lb of torque on a handle/grip.

What say you, folks?

MSA Sordin Supreme performance: the misleading “NRR=18dB” rating

MSA Sordins Butthurt Dweller

When you bring up MSA Sordin Supreme ear-pro among folks who are serious about shooting sports, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll hear spec-sheet-based performance objections from at least one person.  After all, what self-respecting gear whore (myself included) doesn’t review the spec sheets when making a buying decision?  Actual quote from a recent discussion on pistol-forum.com:

These [MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X’s] have a woefully low NRR rating of 19. I wear a pair of {OtherProducts} rated 25 outdoors and another pair of 33 indoors. I tried on a pair of these Sordins and they were also rather small fitting for those with large brain boxes.

How do we reconcile these objections with the fact that MSA Sordin is, as far as I can tell, the alpha dog supplier of mission-critical ear-pro to hardass pipe hitting bearded trigger-pullers from every NATO country and then some? One might think that the special forces teams do a little more than read the promotional flyer before buying $300/pair ear pro for their hitters. Resolving this will require looking a little deeper than the spec sheet… Continue reading