Rogers Shooting School class of 13-18 April 2014

Rogers Shooting School class of 13-18 April 2014Total of 18 students in this private class, including course-destroying perfect score shooters Gabe White (OrigamiAK) and Manny Bragg. Chief Instructor Ronnie Dodd on far left. Class organized by GJM (green jacket, front) and Astro The Wonder Dog (center).

Gabe shot the entire class from AIWB concealment and took the red pin for highest cumulative score during the class.  Manny was right on his heels shooting a 40SW 1911 from a USPSA gamer rig, and on the morning of Thursday 17 April 2014, the two of them tied for being the third in Rogers history to shoot a 125/125 “possible”.

After the pins were handed out, Ronnie Dodd commented that this was the strongest class he’d ever seen outside of a crew of Scandinavian bad-asses who get trained up by one of Bill Rogers’s buddies then sent over for final polishing.  I was proud to be there when history was made, and more importantly, to count these folks as my friends after a week in the crucible of the Rogers Test.  I’d trust every one of them to watch my back, under any conditions, any time, any place.


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