AAR Preview: Frank Proctor, Performance Pistol Process

Alternate title: In a class full of LE guys in black or multicam, where I’m drawing from concealment in a button-down short sleeve shirt, somehow I turn out to be the gear whore…

Today was TD1 (training day 1) of a 2-day Performance Pistol Process class taught by Frank Proctor.  Spoiler alert: Frank is a legitimately great instructor, I’m enjoying his class tremendously, and regardless of your skill level with pistol I highly recommend taking one of his classes.

So, about the gear whore thing…

There are (I think) 22 people in this class, which actually turns out to be a reasonable and manageable number.  After the initial shooting evolutions, we pretty rapidly moved to shooting in either two relays, or in small groups at shooting stations defined by barrels.

About half of those 22 students are LE and the majority are loaded up with gear, with anything from full tactical duty rigs for some of the SWAT guys to war belts and drop-leg holsters for some of the civilians.  Tactical pants are de rigeur, of course, as are operator caps with stick-on patches.  (I was sporting a shades-of-tan American Flag patch in the front, with a Suck Meter morale patch in the back to keep it real.)

At the other end of the spectrum you have me… khaki shorts, an untucked loose-fitting short-sleeve button down, and comfortable ASICS crossfit shoes.  Because my new custom-made AIWB holster from Dark Star Gear (with prototype belt clip attachment!) for the Glock 41 didn’t arrive until the afternoon of TD1 due to shipping issues, I spent the day stuffing the G41 into my JM Custom Kydex P30L AIWB holster.  It worked surprisingly well, and hopefully I didn’t bend the JMCK holster out of shape in the process.

It amused me that, despite my suburban-dad camouflage and conscious attempt to be super-low-key about gear, every time I turned around someone was interested in my equipment.  I got questions on my anti-tendinitis forearm brace, AIWB holsters, the G41, Dawson sights, the prototype safety device installed in place of the standard back plate on the G41, and more.  It was cracking me up, especially when started offering to let people test-drive the G41 so they’d stop asking me about it.

The AIWB holster wasn’t the only thing that showed up late — Freedom Munitions was slower than usual getting my ammo handed off to UPS, and the delay meant I didn’t have my order in time for TD1.  It was a relief when the UPS guy pulled up tonight with 1500 rounds of 45ACP ammo, which means I’ll be able to pay back the 400 rounds I borrowed to get through today and run my own ammo tomorrow.

Did I mention this class is excellent and I’m learning a lot?  True story, and I’m very much looking forward to a full day of shooting tomorrow.  Look for an AAR to be posted later this week!


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