Trevor is an unrepentant geek with a lifetime interest in the shooting sports, and a predilection for German-engineered handguns. Trevor got his first trigger time plinking with his grandfather, shooting a Winchester 9422 lever-action that he later inherited. That rifle has since been used to instruct his own kids, and a dozen-plus others, in the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. On a recent trip into the California back country, Trevor’s youngest child demonstrated his mastery of the fundamentals when he placed multiple shots from the 9422 into the barcode on a soda can at 100 yards from an improvised shooting rest.

In April 2014, with no formal instruction in pistol shooting, Trevor shot a Basic passing score of 73 at Rogers Shooting School using a borrowed M&P 9mm full-size in a Safariland ALS holster — while during that same week, his classmates Gabe White (OrigamiAK) and Manny Bragg tied to be the third person in history to shoot a perfect 125/125 score on the Rogers Test.

Trevor had less than 20 minutes of live-fire trigger time on the M&P9 before taking The Test, yet somehow managed to pass despite missing an entire string of 8 targets due to a shooter-induced malfunction during a string of fire. He is looking forward to taking another run at The Test in 2015 with some actual pistol instruction under his belt and a Rogers-appropriate gun in hand.

Trevor is a jack-of-all-trades engineer, with patents in multiple fields. He is equally at home designing complex Internet technology and hand-fitting manually machined components in his home workshop, but he’s happiest when he’s sending rounds downrange with malice and strong intent.


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