An HK “Friday afternoon” gun? A P30 that shoots to the left…

My regular readers already know the story of my love/hate relationship with the HK P30 9mm with the V4/TGS LEM trigger that I bought this year and took to Rogers Shooting School.  If you’re new ’round these parts, please take a moment to read the most consistently popular article on my blog.  If you have several hours to spare, check out the epic discussion it spawned over at pistol-forum.

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Gun Science: Active Electronic Ear-pro deep dive


Not sure what’s more disturbing, the badly fitting ear-pro or the “model” wearing it…

My recent Gear Review of the MSA Sordin Supreme ear-pro barely touched upon the significant differences you’ll find across the price spectrum, and provoked a number of follow-up questions.  The majority of those inquiries can be summarized into three questions:

  • What do you get when you spend more?
  • What are the trade-offs between large, mid, and slim ear cup sizes?
  • What features really matter when I’m shopping for electronic ear-pro?

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MSA Sordin Supreme performance: the misleading “NRR=18dB” rating

MSA Sordins Butthurt Dweller

When you bring up MSA Sordin Supreme ear-pro among folks who are serious about shooting sports, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll hear spec-sheet-based performance objections from at least one person.  After all, what self-respecting gear whore (myself included) doesn’t review the spec sheets when making a buying decision?  Actual quote from a recent discussion on

These [MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X’s] have a woefully low NRR rating of 19. I wear a pair of {OtherProducts} rated 25 outdoors and another pair of 33 indoors. I tried on a pair of these Sordins and they were also rather small fitting for those with large brain boxes.

How do we reconcile these objections with the fact that MSA Sordin is, as far as I can tell, the alpha dog supplier of mission-critical ear-pro to hardass pipe hitting bearded trigger-pullers from every NATO country and then some? One might think that the special forces teams do a little more than read the promotional flyer before buying $300/pair ear pro for their hitters. Resolving this will require looking a little deeper than the spec sheet… Continue reading