The Rogers Shooting School Experience


(OR: Why I Felt Great About Shooting A 73 The Day After Gabe & Manny Shot Record-Setting Perfect 125’s)

It’s been said that overcoming adversity on the way to achieving your goals makes victory all the sweeter.  In the case of Rogers, I could have used just a little less adversity… But earning a Basic rating on my first trip there, having taken no formal pistol instruction before attending, was sweet indeed.

I originally set out to construct an easy-to-follow narrative about my week at Rogers, but I kept getting self-conscious about how it ended up being all about me.  In the interests of actually getting this finished and published, I’m going to deviate from the first-person travelogue format and instead share the most interesting stories, observations, and tips gleaned from my time there.

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Rogers April 2014 — Ronnie Dodd demo gone off the rails

Proof that not every instructor demo at Rogers Shooting School goes perfectly, but also an example of how to handle the situation with humor and grace.  In this video, chief instructor Ronnie Dodd executes his first reload cleanly, but on the second reload comes up with a multi-tool instead of a magazine when he reaches back to the pouches on his belt.

The journey to Rogers Shooting School

For the vast majority of my adult life, all the way through 2012, I was a perfectly stereotypical casual shooter.  I made it to the indoor range every month or three and shot 150-200 rounds of ammo.  Because I shot better than the drunk monkeys in the stalls around me, I told myself that I was a pretty good shot and felt good leaving the range.

The problem was, every once in a while, there would be someone there who didn’t just shoot better than the drunk monkeys — they’d shoot so much better than me that I could hardly believe it.  For a long time, I convinced myself that these folks were specially trained ex-SOCOM types, freaks of nature, or possibly both.

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Upcoming Articles

Now that I’ve returned from my first trip to the Rogers Shooting School, I have quite a few posts in the pipeline for my blog.  Here’s a sneak peek at my writing plan:

Rogers Shooting School

  • The Journey To Rogers: Training & Practice (24 April 2014)
  • The Rogers Shooting School Experience  -or-  Why I felt great about shooting 73/125 the day after Gabe & Manny shot 125/125
  • Rogers Ripple Effects: lessons learned driving additions and adjustments to training priorities

Equipment Reviews (in no particular order, with emphasis on performance at Rogers; all gear paid for out-of-pocket)

If there’s a particular piece of equipment on that list you’d like to see reviewed first, please mention it in the comments or send a private message to “TheTrevor” at