An HK “Friday afternoon” gun? A P30 that shoots to the left…

My regular readers already know the story of my love/hate relationship with the HK P30 9mm with the V4/TGS LEM trigger that I bought this year and took to Rogers Shooting School.  If you’re new ’round these parts, please take a moment to read the most consistently popular article on my blog.  If you have several hours to spare, check out the epic discussion it spawned over at pistol-forum.

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Dear P30: I’m not sure we were meant to be together

When you first showed up in my life, way back in February 2014, I knew that we’d be spending a lot of time together. After renting/borrowing various guns, I’d already decided to take you to Rogers as my new 9mm pistol, and that I’d be feeding you thousands of rounds of gun food during the work-up process.

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